Case Studies

Trial Installation – UK North Sea

In September 2014, Universal Foundation completed the Trial Installation campaign across three major Round 3 offshore wind sites (Dogger Bank, Dudgeon and Hornsea) in the UK North Sea.

  • The structures were installed 29 times in 24 days.
  • The constant “installation-retrieval-installation” cycle demonstrated how robust the Mono Bucket is and how flexible it is in its performance.
  • Each structure achieved inclination below 0.1 degree off perfect verticality.

A scaled down version of the Mono Bucket and a reference structure were used. The project was managed by Statoil and delivered by Universal Foundation, in partnership with The Carbon TrustStatkraftEON and DONG Energy, in close cooperation with Aalborg University.

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Dogger Bank

In October 2011, Universal Foundation was awarded the contract for the turnkey installation of two meteorological masts at Forewind’s Dogger Bank offshore wind farm.

  • There were six Fred. Olsen related companies involved in this project under a single contract with Universal Foundation AS.
  • This was a major step towards proving the Mono Bucket in offshore conditions.
  • The project achieved cost and time saving goals and noise reduction targets.

Both of the Mono Buckets were installed successfully within the prescribed tolerance.

Horns Rev 2

The Horns Rev 2 project saw the first true offshore deployment of the Universal Foundation’s Mono Bucket. In March 2009, the Mono Bucket was installed to support a met. mast at the Horns Rev 2 site.

  • This project proved the feasibility of a floating installation process.
  • The Mono Bucket was installed to within 0.1 degree of true vertical.
  • The Mono Bucket was installed to within 0.6 of full seabed penetration.

All expected parameters were met or exceeded and the foundation remained in this exact position until it was decommissioned in 2015.


In November 2002, a prototype of the Universal Foundation’s Mono Bucket was installed to support a Vestas V90 3MW turbine in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

  • At the time of installation, the Vestas V90 was one of the largest turbines in existence.
  • Extensively tested and monitored before installation occurred.
  • It is still being continually monitored today.

Comprehensive data logs of the foundation and turbine interaction have been collected, analysed and used as references in numerous academic publications.

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